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Jim Pinto is available for selected public speaking engagements. Jim enjoys talking with large groups. He is an accomplished and motivating speaker. He has addressed audiences ranging from 50 to 1,000 people, at business seminars, marketing & sales meetings, international conferences and exhibitions.

The following topics are popular favorites :

  • The future of industrial automation
  • Automation technology trends
  • US & international sales channel development
  • Global R&D and manufacturing shifts - Offshoring
  • Futures - new century predictions & prognostications

A typical Pinto speech lasts for an hour or 90 minutes - or two 45-minute segments, with a short-break. Fees vary, depending type and size of audience, topic, location (travel time).

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TED speech - Chindia, Rise of China & India (15 mins.)

Jim Pinto - 1 minute Introduction

Jim Pinto - Speech cameo clips (3 minutes)

Feedback & Testimonials

Procter & Gamble, West Chester, OH. 45089
  • All of the keynote speakers were good and I really liked Jim Pinto
  • Jim Pinto was the STAR of the event.
  • Jim Pinto was an excellent choice as the keynote speaker on the final day of the Symposium. His speech was very thought-provoking and encouraged people to think about the future of the world we live in.
Darren Smith, South Africa
  • Technews Publishing and Arc Advisory Group hosted the Mining, Manufacturing & Process 2008 conference in Johannesburg. Jim Pinto Key Noted - his experience as a tech entrepreneur, investor and futurist setting the tone for the conference. Humurous, engaging, controversial, opinionated and entertaining, Jim was a great option for an audience he understands so well.
Lionel Finidori, Schneider Electric, Sydney, Australia
  • My warm thanks for your inspiring views. From the buzz in the audience, many people reacted on your thoughts and fully enjoyed the interaction.
Brian Flintoff, Metso Minerals, Canada
  • To a man our guys were very positive about your involvement, and I am very pleased we made the investment.
Connie P. Fabre, Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance
  • I heard a lot of positive comments such as, "Jim Pinto was a really dynamic speaker" or "Jim Pinto was "Wow!" and "We need to get Jim Pinto for our group; we always seem to get the same old crowd and Jim is something new."
Wayne Patterson, Multitrode, Queensland, Australia
  • Thank you for a very impressive discussion.
Jeremy Martin, eDrive Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • All the feedback we received regarding your session was extremely positive.
Tony Bussone, Business Ed, Grayslake Central High School, Grayslake, Illinois
  • I received positive feedback from the students and sponsors. I appreciated you flexibility, professionalism, and found your presentation provocative.
Ken Kesegich, Swagelok Technology Summit, Houston, TX.
  • I was at your session on embedded sensor technology and found it immensely thought provoking. Thanks for a great presentation.
JP Morgan-Chase, Capital Analysts Conference, Houston, TX.
  • Jim, I really enjoyed your presentation and so did the clients I spoke to. They like that you have an opinion and clearly state what your views are, which is refreshing, particularly after a day of rather dry meetings.
Industrial Technology Center, Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Wealth of knowledge; Great presenter; Out of the box thinking; Ideas to think about; Definitely got me thinking outside the box; An excellent, stimulating look at the future of manufacturing.
Matt Crandell, President, Automation Control Products & ThinManager.
  • We heard a lot of great comments on your presentation. I appreciate the way you deliver your talk - with great animation, and yet a real common sense perspective. Cutting through the BS as you might say...
Field Networking Conference, South Africa - Rob MacKenzie, Organizer
  • I am sure that your presence as keynote speaker contributed to the success of conference. Your thought provoking opening statement contributed to the dialogue and value.

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If you need to discuss a possible speaking engagement
get in touch with Jim Pinto: Send Jim Pinto e-mail jim@jimpinto.com

Telephone (direct-line) : (858) 353-5467

    Note : If Jim Pinto is not available on the specific date and time requested, he'll refer you to alternative speakers who may fit your requirements.

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Speaking Events

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Automatech Conference
ACP Thindustrial13
Mobile Devices
in the Factory
Atlanta, GA.
Sep. 11 2013
Jim Pinto, Technology Futurist
"Mobile Devices will hit the Factory Floor"
The factory is quickly becoming a "mixed use" computing environment. The PC-centric period is winding down. Mobile devices are rapidly gaining the largest share of the client computing power. Applications (content) will be delivered to users and devices with relevance to their location, skill set and the events occurring around them. ACP is the first to market with "complete" mobile computing solution which fills the needs of mobile users in the factory - "Relevance".

Automatech Conference
May 2013
User Conference 2013
Baltimore, MD.
May 7/8, 2013
Jim Pinto, Technology Futurist
"Industrial Automation in the New Digital World"
Rapid shifts are occurring in all measurement and control environments - from wired systems to wireless connectivity; from conventional client-server processing systems to cloud-based processing; from tethered PCs and centralized operator-stations to an abundance of mobile devices; from deterministic measurement and control to distributed peer-to-peer based I/O; from relatively large centralized systems to the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Get a copy of this presentation on Slideshare

AIMCAL Management Conference
March 2013
Management Meeting 2013
Rancho Mirage, CA.
March 10/13, 2013
Jim Pinto, Technology Futurist
"Manufacturing in a Changing World"
The future is coming at us fast! Manufacturing is becoming complex, technology quickly becomes obsolete, and product life cycles have drastically decreased. The age of big production and a central work place is over.

Keynote : ThinManager 6.0 Launch
6.0 Launch
Apr. 2012

ThinManager 6.0 Launch & Training- Atlanta, GA. April 16-18, 2012
"The Expanding Future of Thin": This event will launch the most significant version of ThinManager ever released and is designed to offer the maximum hands-on experience for those seeking training on ThinManager.

IMA 30th Anniversary
IMA 30th Anniversary
Santiago, Chile
Apr. 2012

INDUSTRIAL IMA LTDA. 30th Anniversary Event, Santiago, Chile
April 11-12, 2012

Jim Pinto provides international perspectives on trends in global industrial automation technologies.

Field Networking Conference
Field Networks
S. Africa
Nov. 2011

Field Networking Conference, Johannesburg, S. Africa, Nov. 8, 2011
"Whither Fieldbus?": How effective are industrial networks? Who is really using them and in what types of applications? What are the real benefits? Who is really demanding and promoting standards? How do Ethernet and Wireless change the game? Jim Pinto provides some international perspectives on trends in the implementation of industrial field networking technologies.

Keynote : ThinManager Tech Expo
Oct. 2011

ThinManager Technology Expo, Las Vegas, NV. - October 24-26, 2011
"The Expanding Future of Thin": As the future unfolds, "thin" hardware and software will permeate the industrial landscape. The technology of thin-clients and thin-manager will encroach on conventional architectures. Software will be the key to managing the complex systems of the future. ACP is at the vortex of these fast-moving and far-reaching developments.

Jim Pinto NEI Brazil speech
Jim Pinto
NEI Brazil
June 2011

NEI - International Conference & Show, Sao Paolo, Brazil, June 7, 2011
Emerging Technologies, Challenges, Opportunities and its Impact on Manufacturing. Jim Pinto topic: "Prospects for the Automation and Instrumentation on the Plant Floor".

Jim Pinto at NEI BrazilVideo: Jim Pinto att NEI Brazil

Jim Pinto TEDxDelMar speech
Jim Pinto
TED Speech
June 2010

Chindia - The rise of China & India - Jim Pinto at TEDxDelMar
With 40% of the world's population, China and India (Chindia) are steadily rising towards becoming world-leading economic powers. 300 years ago, the two countries represented 50% of the world's wealth. They are rising again to dominate the world's economy.

SealedAir Conference
Sealed Air
May 2010
Sealed Air
Technology & Innovation Conference, May 13 2010
Greenville, S.C.
May 13, 2010
Jim Pinto, Technology Futurist
"The Future of Industrial Automation"

AIMCAL Conference
March 2010
Management Meeting 2010
San Diego, CA.
March 23/24, 2010
Jim Pinto, Technology Futurist
"Technology Futures in the Global Village"
"Manufacturing Technology in a Changing World"

Winnipeg Conference
ITC Winnipeg, Canada
March 2010
Winnipeg Industrial Technology Center
Technology Acceleration, Innovation & Manufacturing Conference
Winnipeg, Canada
March 4, 2010
Jim Pinto, Technology Futurist
"Manufacturing in the Global Age"
"High Value Manufacturing in Manitoba"
Jim Pinto and Dick Morley address technology, innovation, and manufacturing in a global economy.

Baton Rouge Conference
Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance
Baton Rouge, LA.
January 26/27, 2010
Jim Pinto, Technology Futurist & Automation Industry Analyst
"The Future of industrial automation, technology and global trends"

JPMorgan Analysts Conference J.P.Morgan
Analysts Conference
December 2009
JP Morgan
Conference of Global Investors
Houston, TX.
December 7, 2009
Jim Pinto - Dinner speech
Presenting independent perspectives on the automation industry and the key players. xanax

PAS Users Conference
PAS Users Conference
March 2009
PAS Users Conference - "Strategize to Optimize"
Third annual Users Conference at South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center in Houston, TX.
Postponed (from Sep. 08, due to Hurrican Ike) - March 9-11, 2009
Operations Effectiveness Unplugged

S. Africa Conference
Mining, Manufacturing & Process 2008 Conference
November 2008
Mining, Manufacturing & Process 2008 conference
"Winning strategies and best practices for enterprise automation & IT
in Mining, Manufacturing and Process"
Johannesburg, S. Africa
November 12-13, 2008

Keynote address & Panelist

MTL ExecComm Presentation
MTL Executive Committee Presentation
October 2008
MTL Executive Committee Presentation
"Future Global Automation Markets"
Luton, England
October 14, 2008

Novatech Conference
NovaTech Conference
October 2008
2008 NovaTech User Conference
Tremont Plaza Hotel and Tremont Grand Conference Center
Baltimore, Maryland
September 28 - October 1, 2008

Closing Presentation - October 1, 2008
The Future of Global Automation Revealed

Proctor & Gamble Symposium
2008 P&G Power, Control, and Information Systems Symposium
Sharonville Convention Center, Sharonville, Ohio

Keynote Presentation - Thursday September 18, 2008
World Washing in 2020: A Global Perspective

Multitrode Industry Luncheon
Multitrode sponsored
August 21, 2008
Meeting of the Minds
Multitrode Industry Luncheon, Brisbane, Australia
August 21, 2008

Presentation - Thursday, August 21, 2008
Global Automation Unplugged

Citect Conference
Citect Conference
August 18, 2008
CITECT User Conference 2008 (Oceania)
Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Australia
August 17 - 20, 2008

Keynote Presentation - Monday, August 18, 2008
Future Global Trends in Industrial Automation ultram

Siemens Milltronics Conference
Siemens Milltronics Conference
Feb. 25, 2008
Siemens Milltronics "Back to Basics" Conference
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, February 25, 2008

The Future of Instrumentation in the Global Environment
Discussion on global Shifts in a new age; the need for knowledge work and the skills shortage; Global competition/collaboration. Industrial automation overview, and challenges facing industrial automation. Discussion of future trends.

Motor, Drive, Automation Conference
Motor, Drives
& Automation Systems
Feb. 14 & 15, 2008
Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference
Atlanta, GA., February 14 & 15, 2008

The Future of Automation, Drives & Controls
in a Global Environment

The fundamental purpose of automation, controls & drives is to improve productivity. In a global business environment, faster, cheaper, better wins. The latest technology shifts are discussed, and the changes with global competitors and markets, plus winning strategies to develop and maintain leadership in the new century.

Metso Smart Equipment
Metso Smart Equipment
Nov. 8 & 9, 2007
Metso Minerals - Smart Equipment Conference
San Diego, CA, November 8 & 9, 2007

The Future of Industrial Automation and Intelligent Equipment
In a new, global business arens, the company that can compete "Faster-Cheaper-Better" wins. Success comes through ever-smarter Equipment - on-line manuals, self-paced user-training, smart, predictive Diagnostics, smart sensors. wireless, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, robots.

Swagelok Technology Summit
Technology Summit
Nov. 14 & 15, 2006
Swagelok Technology Summit
Houston, TX. November 14 & 15, 2006

Productivity Improvements
Through Use Of Automation And Intelligent Devices

Productivity has now become a global race, a fierce, head-to-head competition between regions and nations. Those who can produce materials and products cheaper, faster, better - win. Within the next few years, literally billions of communications-enabled products and processes will provide intelligence and connectivity for almost everything. Wireless sensor networks will provide vast arrays of real-time, remote interaction with the physical world. Standards are intrinsically difficusystems.

Grayslake High School
Grayslake High School
Honors Students
Grayslake, IL. High School Honors Students
Grayslake, IL. November 9, 2006

Who are you tomorrow?
Speech at Grayslake Central High School, at a National Honors Society Convocation. The presentation was to a group of high school Juniors and Seniors, outstanding young adults, the leaders of tomorrow.

MatrikonOPC User's Group
Matrikon OPC
Sept. 13, 2006
Matrikon OPC User's Group
Houston, TX.
September 13, 2006

The Importance of Standards
OPC is open connectivity in industrial automation and enterprise systems that support industry. Interoperability is assured through the creation and maintenance of open standards specifications. Matrikon is the World's Largest OPC Developer and is a clear leader in the development of a user base which generates the broad usage of OPC for end-users in industrial measurement & controls markets.

Omron Editors Day
Omron Editors Day
June 30, 2005
Omron Editors' Day
Schaumberg (Chicago), IL.
June 30, 2005

The Future of Automation
On Omron's annual Editors' Day, Jim Pinto spoke to a key group of editors, writers and business observers. He presented his views regarding the future of automation companies, discussed technology shifts on the horizon, and reviewed the possibilities for major global changes.

SPS Electric Automation America
Keynote speech
SPS Electric Automation
May 24, 2005
SPS Electric Automation America
Rosemount (Chicago), IL.
May 24, 2005

Keynote speech
Automation Unplugged
- Global Markets in the New Century

Jim Pinto outlined winning strategies for global markets. What companies must do to develop and maintain leadeenter>
ISA Rimbach
ISA Rimbach Lecture 2004
Oct. 6, 2004

Rimbach Lecture Series
Keynote speech, ISA Expo 2004

Houston, Texas
Oct. 6, 2004

Automation Unplugged
- Global Shifts in a new age

Outline of the slides presented.

Review of automation business, with predictions of continued consolidationss. Discussions of new technologies and trends. How Outsourcing and Offshoring will impact future business as China and India emerge as global competitors. Keys for success. Future global challenges.

CSIA Conference
May 15, 2004
Control Systems Integrators Association
Annual Conference

Palm Desert, California
May 15, 2004

Systems Integrator growth challenges in the global environment

There are 1,000 Automation Systems Integrators in the US, and just 20% of them are "independent" (80% are major suppliers' SI services). SI's can grow through strong market and customer focus, plus development of strong US and global alliances.

ISA Norcal Tech 2004
May 12, 2004
ISA Northern California
NorCal Tech 2004 - Annual Conference

Vallejo, California
May 12, 2004eapolis, MN. USA.
July 30, 2001

Evolution of the TechnoHuman

Evolution is speeding up exponentially. In this next century, technology speed-up will continue with major evolutionary consequences. History makes it evident that man-with-tool inevitably survived and conquered man-without. Technology has caused and will continue to cause significant societal change.

NIGP : California Chapter
Future Trends for
Public Purchasing Professionals
NIGP : California Chapter
Lakewood, CA.
March 15, 2001

Future Trends.

How will new age technologies, global markets and legal/ethical/moral issues affect Public Purchasing Professionals?

Ross 2001: Engineering Odyssey Presentation
2001: Engineering Odyssey
Engineering the Future
Engineering the Future
Ross Products Division, Abbott Labs.
Columbus, OH.
22 February, 2001

2001: Engineering Odyssey
Engineering the Future

Review outline of presentation
Symbiotic Intelligence
Chaos Conference
Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 2000

Symbiotic Life in the 21st Century -
Humans and Technology
- a new level of Life

Technology is a tool of evolution. As technology advances accelerate, humans with technology extensions will attain a new level of Life - Symbiosis.

Bank of America
New Economy :
Futurists View
Bank of America Leasing & Capital Group
Investors Group Conference

San Diego, CA.
April 28, 2000

The New Economy : A Futurist's View

Speakers I recommend

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Dr. Tom - Entertrainer
Dr. Tom :
Dr. Tom
More than Entertaining & more than Training
Get Entertrained by Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom Steiner has been a professional speaker, management consultant, teacher and enterTRAINer for the past 20 years. He covers a wide variety of motivational and human-resource topics.

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