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Investors Group Conference - April 28, 2000

The New Economy : A Futurist's View
Speaker - Jim Pinto

Something is amiss when the combined market-cap of 10 major DOW companies are worth just one Internet company - CISCO. How long can this situation continue? Will there be an inevitable correction?

Three technology laws are driving the new economy:

    Moore's law : Computer power doubles every 18 months
    Gilder's law : Bandwidth doubles every 12 months
    Metcalfe's law : Effectiveness increases exponentially with connectivity

Individuals and companies worldwide are now electronically linked. The rules of the game are changing. The driving principles of the new economy are not new, but taken together they constitute a revolution in the rules of business.

Matter It matters less - processing information is more powerful.
Space Distance has vanished - the global village is here.
Time Instant interaction is critical.
People The knowledge-worker is the major asset
Growth Accelerated by technology
Value Rises exponentially with market share
Efficiency Infomediaries replace intermediaries.
Markets Buyers gain dramatic new power.
Transactions Itís a one-on-one game
Impulse Every product is available everywhere.
Ref : 10 Driving Principles of the New Economy
Business 2.0 - March 2000

Review of past trends and how the winners emerged. A look at present and future trends - traits and characteristics of the winners.

The stock market - a mirror of progress and change. Capital markets and market-valuations. Growth (or lack of it) leads to mergers and acquisitions.

Global business and market environments - the global village. Where are the suppliers and consumers? The dichotomy of local politics vs. global markets.

E-commerce: Review of technology and marketing scenarios. Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce trends.

Discussion: How do we apply the 10 driving principles of the new economy to help our own business, not only to survive, but thrive?

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