The Future of Instrumentation
in a Global Environment

By: Jim Pinto -
Technology Futurist, Speaker, Writer, Author,
Industrial Automation Commentator & Consultant

Outline of the speech presented at

Siemens Milltronics
Back to Basics Conference
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
25 February 2008

The fundamental purpose of automation is to improve productivity - generate increased output with reduced costs. Productivity has now become a global race. It's a fierce, head-to-head competition between regions and nations for the single reason that it is the source of the wealth, the key to improvements in living standards. Products & systems that produce results - cheaper, faster, better - win!

Technology improves productivity and wins market-share. Hardware and software, products and systems, will continue on the technology treadmill, becoming smaller, cheaper, higher performance at a better price, more widely available. How does technology change the equation for Siemens-Milltronics equipment - load-cells, weighing equipment, level sensors & the like?

Machine-to-machine communications (M2M) will yield significant benefits over the next decade. Imagine every major piece of equipment monitoring its own operation, including uptime, downtime, dwell-time, energy usage, malfunction and repair-time. Usage can then be reported with an Internet connection, providing real-time asset management and operating return on investment (ROI).

Within the next few years, literally billions of communications-enabled products and processes will provide intelligence and connectivity for almost everything, extending the Internet into almost every aspect of our lives.

Wireless sensor networks will generate significant new growth, providing vast arrays of real-time, remote interaction with the physical world. The future of wireless is not just replacement of copper in conventional applications. New leadership and market share will go to those who use wireless imaginatively to completely reshape old systems with as yet unimagined benefits.

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