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Fueled by a series of bold acquisitions ABB got into trouble in mid-2002. But quick, decisive action succeeded in reversing the problems. Now focused on Power and Automation, the company is generating strong growth and profit, and is clearly one of the major acquirors in the automation business.

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Emerson Process Management
Emerson Process is one of the world's leading process automation companies with operations around the globe. It is part of Emerson Electric, a well-managed industrial corporation.

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The old Honeywell was broken by Bonsignore, and almost sold-off to GE. Under tough-minded CEO David Cote, Honeywell is profitable and seems to be making progress. Or is it? Many employees are complaining about high levels of cutbacks through poor management and offshore outsourcing.

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UK-based Siebe and BTR merged to form Invensys. CEO Allen Yurko was booted, after putting the company into a tail-span. The next CEO, Rick Haythornthwaite fizzled, handing over to 'hired-gun' Ulf Henricksson who sold off more pieces. Ulf caused chaos at Foxboro and Wonderware by hiring an ex-EDC manager, who transferred HQ to Dallas, TX. and was then exited with no explanation. Sudipta Bhattacharya is now in charge of the automation business..

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Rockwell Automation
Respected, old-line automation player Allen-Bradley was acquired by Rockwell, and became Rockwell Automation. After several acquisitions and divestitures, the company is pushing to develop systems-engineering and software, as it continues to struggle for growth and profit under CEO Keith Nosbusch. Where is Rockwell headed now? alprazolam

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Schneider Electric
With annual revenue over $25B and 75,000 employees in 130 countries, well-managed, France based Schneider Electric is high on the world list of major automation companies. Look for Schneider to continue organic growth, complemented by good acquisitions on a global scale.

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The largest industrial automation company in the world is limited by its narrow culture.

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Yokogawa is the largest Japanese automation players. They are limited by their cultural inhibitions, and inability to make acquistions. Comitted about a decade ago to be the largest Automation supplier by 2010 - clearly with not succeed in achieving that goal. ultram

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