The "Occupy" Ballad

This poem was written on October 15, 2011 while the "Occupy Wall Street" movement was about a month old, and still growing. Many are confused with the message. This poem may help to explain. Please feel free to copy and distribute.

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The Ballad: Occupy Wall Street

In mid-September, started out slow
Thousands of jobless, with nowhere to go
Gathered to protest, their rights to proclaim
Occupied Wall Street; so that was their name
    The System is rotten
    The People forgotten
They shouted that banks, who'd created the mess
Got bail-outs and bonuses, with public largesse
The big banks conspired, they made it fail
The bankers got off, not one went to jail

Ours is Democracy, majority rules
Yet 1% make the rest of us fools
99% squeezed, we have less and less
Poverty's spreading with widespread distress

Folks flooded Manhattan, crowds started to grow
With Media coverage beginning to show
The movement was spreading all through the land
In hundreds of cities, they're taking a stand

Politicians called it a mob, but soon
Counting the numbers, they changed their tune
The wind's blowing strong for the coming election
Grass Roots reform from another direction

Our credit rating was under the gun
Party-line politics got nothing done
Congress must act without partisan fights
WE are the People - WE know our rights

Joblessness everywhere, 1 in 10 unemployed
Political deadlock has our system destroyed
Just one demand, one thing on all dockets
Keep Big Money out of political pockets

More jobs and fair taxes is what we demand
That's what WE want, our line in the sand
Our numbers are doubling, worldwide every day
And who'll make this stop? We won't go away.

By : Jim Pinto
© 15 October, 2011

Thank you for valuable suggestions & contributions:
Merle Borg, Rick Batt, Helen Rael, Dave Carlson

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