The Iraq War - 5-years anniversary
Bush Lied

By : Jim Pinto,
San Diego, CA.

This poem was written for the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War, 19 March 2008. It has been published in newspapers and on websites worldwide. Feel free to copy and/or publish.

    The Iraq War - 5 years anniversary - Bush Lied

    T'was March 19th, 2003
    Bush said Saddam had WMD
    He ordered Americans to go to war
    Launched missiles and bombs with "Shock & Awe"
    Bush lied, but no one died.

    March and April 2003
    Iraqis died, a killing spree
    Our ground troops were in the midst of hell
    Three weeks later Baghdad fell
    Bush lied, and 139 Americans died
    And how many Iraqis?

    Just six weeks later, the first of May
    Bush landed on a carrier in a flight-suit that day
    “Mission Accomplished!” he then declared
    A photo-op with the world he shared
    Bush lied, by end May 176 Americans died
    And how many Iraqis?

    The Iraqis kept fighting, sectarian groups
    And stuck in the middle, our American troops
    Like a rat in a hole, Saddam was caught
    But the war just continued and insurgents fought
    Bush lied, by 2003 485 Americans died
    And how many Iraqis?

    The fighting continued, excuses were gone
    But Bush he was brash, he said "Just bring ‘em on!"
    The reports they came in, "Oh gosh, golly, gee!
    Saddam never, ever had any WMD!"
    Bush lied, by 2004 1,334 Americans died
    And how many Iraqis?

    Abu Ghraib was America’s shame
    But no one in power accepted the blame
    Halliburton was there making big bucks
    American troops were just sitting ducks
    Bush lied, by 2005 2,180 Americans died
    And how many Iraqis?

    Iraq to 9/11 was never connected
    Cheney kept harping but was never corrected
    Al Quaeda was not in Iraq before
    But now they are there and growing more and more
    Bush lied, by 2006 3,113 Americans died
    And how many Iraqis?

    In 2007, General Petraeus did urge
    Bush took his advice and ordered a surge
    Our troops kept on dying, they were ordered to fight
    It seemed to be working, but no end in sight
    Bush lied, by 2007 3,904 Americans died
    And how many Iraqis?

    The price tag $3 trillion, the cost of that lie
    How much Health & Education could that money buy?
    And now they're inflaming the worst of our fears
    McCain says "We’ll be in Iraq for 100 years!"
    Bush lied
    5 years later, by March 2008, 4,000 Americans died.
    And 30,000 Americans wounded
    Estimated 100,000 Iraqis dead, and 1 million Iraqis wounded
    Bush lied!


    Bush swore he would finish the Al Quaeda search
    But their leader is still there, still high on his perch
    Six years and more now the search has gone rotten
    And Osama bin Laden has now bin Forgotten
    Bush promised to find bin Laden
    Bush lied.

    ©Jim Pinto
    19 March 2008

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