The Ballad of GW Bush

By : Jim Pinto,
San Diego, CA.

I've been having discussions with many friends who are Bush proponents, with no effect. They seem to dodge all my sincere questions, or answer with faith-based responses - e.g., "They'll find WMD sooner or later."

So, I wrote this poem for them, which I hope you'll connect with. It's written with the lilt of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".

The Ballad of GW Bush
By : Jim Pinto
August 2004

Hailed from good old Crawford, Texas, governor of that cowboy nexus
Kicked us in the solar plexus, on the Florida voting floor
Brother Jeb his State controls, black voters purged from voter rolls
Hanging chads there at the polls, this can’t really be the score
"Only a mistake!" we muttered, the vote was truly won by Gore
Electoral game playing, nothing more

    Supreme judges then pronounced, their party bias they announced
    Bush had won and Gore was trounced, something never seen before
    Biased judges just agreed, no more counting, was no need
    Their decision it was then decreed, five hundred votes and nothing more
    "How could Bush have won?" we stuttered, We can't believe this can be so!
    It cannot be, or can it though?
Junior Bush didn’t have a clue, so hired some of Dad’s old crew
Neocons all through and through, rabid right wing at the core
While Dubya golfed and practiced swings, behind him Cheney pulled the strings
Tax breaks for the rich he brings, more deficits than e’er before
Big time handlers around him fluttered, spinning right-wing spins galore
Truth another spin to whore
    First they planned to get the baddie, "That guy he almost kilt my Daddy!"
    Had nuc-u-le-ar plans, or had he? Mid-east oil would help the flow
    Then 9/11 burst upon us, Bush and Neos tried to con us
    Saddam was really going to bomb us, launched Iraqi shock and awe
    "Mission accomplished!" then Bush uttered, costumed on a carrier floor
    Just declared the end of war!
Bin Laden he still walks around, WMD just wasn't found
Flag-draped coffins on the ground, troops keep dying by the score
Bush still cries wolf with "war on terror", never admits he made an error
Good old right-wing standard bearer, at voting booth two thousand four
Then he fizzled out and sputtered, as we vote to push him out the door
Not just a vote, but much, much more

©Copyright 2004 Jim Pinto

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