Your are old Father Big-Blue

With Apologies to Lewis Carroll
Through the Looking Glass - You are old Father William

By : Jim Pinto,
San Diego, CA.

This poem was written at the time when the open-architecture of the IBM PC and MS-DOS had become the standards and the PC-clones were running amok! IBM was trying to wrest back control through introduction of their new MCA-bus and OS/2 software.

First published in Computer Systems News, February 6, '89.

"You are tough, Father Big Blue", the young man said
"And your Marketing savvy is famed
Yet you blew your sweet PC, fell out of bed
Pray who do you think should be blamed?"

"MCA was the plan," he heard Father Blue say
"To kick out the clones, kill 'em dead!
But the gang-of-nine came up with EISA
So we kicked out Bill Lowe instead...!

"You are strong!" said the boy "and you are the boss
You moved fast, like some nimble elf
Did you have to buy out the BASIC and DOS
Why couldn't you just do it yourself?"

"Apple had been moving" Father Blue now intoned
We just didn't want to miss all our dates
So we hurriedly bought software, artfully cloned
By a recent teenager called Gates!"

"The hardware was a quickie!" then cried the young boy
"Open architecture a brilliant stroke
But why did you throw it out like a toy?
Your PC-BUS - pray was it broke?"

"We changed PC to AT," muttered the Big Blue
And the clones were in hot pursuit
And 386 seemed like a clone-dream too
So we decided to give PC the boot!"

"You are big!" said the lad, "and impressively blue!"
Your discipline turns competitors pale!
Yet your growth is receding, profits are too
Is DEC treading on your blue tail?"

"In our youth," muttered big blue, "we made a bet
That DEC was a mini-upstart
But that Olsen guy and VAX and DEC-NET
Upset the old blue apple-cart..."

"And what about UNIX?" continued the lad
"When your OSF minions play your song?
AIX will simply make AT&T mad
And where does OS/2 belong?"

"I have answered 4 questions and that is enough!"
Said the blue one, "Don't give yourself airs!
Do you think I can listen all day to such stuff?
Be off, or I'll kick you downstairs!"

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