The Aussie Fieldbus

By : Jim Pinto,
San Diego, CA.

This poem is written using the style of Poe's The Raven - with a lilt similar to some of my other poems.

This was written on April 28, 2003 for my friend Dick Morley, who was speaking at the INDCOMM Conference in Melbourne, Australia, April 30 & May 1, 2003. It describes the wonderful, new Aussiebus, which connected to just about every other network in the world. Except....

The Aussie Fieldbus
By : Jim Pinto
28 April, 2003

Half way round the world I flew, braving jet lag, Chinese flu
To tell the Aussies what I knew, and lecture on some fieldbus lore
With shrimp on barbie on my plate, I learned to say "g’day mate",
Was ready for my Indcomm date, when I was shaken to the core
"'Tis only a mirage!" I muttered, stopping right there at their door
'Twas only this and nothing more.

    Those clever Aussies had perfected, their new fieldbus was now connected
    To every network, none rejected, something never seen before
    It was invented here down-under, flash of brilliance, lightning, thunder
    The other specs soon cast asunder, this Aussiebus was all aglow!
    "How can this ever be?" I stuttered, "I can’t believe this any more!
    It cannot be, or can it though?"
April/May two thousand three, I remember well, was there to see
I couldn't understand how it could be, it was right there at the show
All the networks now were linked, Ethernet, Fieldbus joined and shrinked
Bluetooth, LON, they all were sync’d, right there in Melbourne on the floor
"This can’t really be!" I uttered, sitting down to see some more
And I was shaken to the core
    My heart began to pound and smoulder, presently my soul grew bolder,
    "G’day mate!" arm 'round a shoulder, "Your forgiveness I implore!
    This Aussiebus is really something? An open network common chum thing?
    An all together they have come thing? Please, please will you tell me more?"
    With amazement my heart fluttered, this Aussiebus just stole the show!
    They finally had something more!
I deep into that booth was peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, shouting, hoping, cheering, dreaming dreams ne’er dreamed before!
But then the spell was really broken, and the truth was clearly spoken
'Cause then quite simply I awoken, right there at the Indcomm show
My dream just fizzled out and sputtered, and I wandered sadly off the floor
'Twas just a dream and nothing more

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