Now I'm 64!

I've always been a Beatles fan! One of my favorite songs has always been: When I'm 64. I savored the idea that, if I was lucky enough to last till the new century, I'd eventually get to be 64.

Well, I arrived at my sixty-fourth birthday on December 6, 2001. To celebrate, I wrote this little ditty - which you can sing to the tune of the Beatles song. Try it!

Now I'm sixty-four
By: Jim Pinto
December 6, 2001

When I was young, had more of my hair
Many years ago
I was always busy going off somewhere
Working hard, not a minute to spare

The years clicked by quickly one by one
Till I worked no more
I wasnít fired I just retired
Now Iím sixty-four.

You are older too
All of our pals and friends
Grown old with me and you

I can be handy mending a fuse
When our lights have gone
We rise and shine and run around the countryside
Every morning go for a ride

Getting a discount when dining out
Movies, plays and more
Regular exerciser, older and wiser
Now Iím sixty-four.

Day and night my email beeps
With cable modem always on
Almost seems like work
When itís late at night
Ideas flood my mind
Poems flow just right

Send me an email, click me a line
Stating point of view
Indicate precisely what you mean to say is ready to play

From my bully pulpit observing the world
My website is my door
Iím a defender, no hidden agenda
Now Iím sixty-four.

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