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My writing started with industrial automation where I have spent much of my working life. More recently, my interests are technology futures and social trends in the new century. Starting in 2014, I moved from monthly eNews publishing to blogging.

I enjoy blogging because my columns can be longer and I can focus on just one topic at a time. Inserting into the blog is easy-breezy and I get a ton of immediate, helpful statistics.

I'll appreciate your feedback and comments directly via the blog.

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Jim Pinto Blogs - Update
I haven't published any blogs recently because I was on vacation - Canadian Rocky Mountaineer and America's National Parks. During our travels we visited Native American areas which ignited my fire for writing a book: Whitefeather - A Native American becomes President of the United States. For the next few months, at least, I'll be completely absorbed till the book is complete.
Published 25 August 2016.


Drones applications are growing rapidly: governments are deploying drones for combat and reconnaissance; businesses are utilizing them for cost-saving; hobbyists find new and diverse uses. Global drone markets will grow to $6 billion in 5 years. The FAA predicts that drones will spawn a $90 billion industry within a decade. A sky full of drones will be the new normal. Get used to it.
Published 21 June 2016.


The Singularity
The emergence of superhuman artificial intelligence will mark the arrival of the Technological Singularity, after which the human era will be ended. By 2020 over 6 billion people, about 70% of the world's population will own smart-phones and there will be 26 billion connected devices. The takeover process will be a steady bottom-up spread into the human psyche. Humans are already slaves.
Published 29 May 2016.


Human Longevity
Medical advancements are adding many years to human lifespan and human life expectancy will exceed 100 years over the next century. Complications arise when health problems occur and elderly people have to pay for expensive medical treatments. Without family support, many simply decline into poverty, or die. No insurance policy, exercise, or super diets can protect anyone against the final days.
Published 9 May 2016.

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Screwup
In 2010, the Supreme Court passed a law that allowed American politics to be taken over by special interests - unlimited spending by Super PACs, "dark money" that never has to be publicly disclosed. 1% of the 1% controls 28% of the political discourse in America. A national grassroots movement is developing in support of a constitutional amendment. You too can join the millions of Americans to amend the Constitution and overturn Citizens United!
Published 28 April 2016.


Human Evolutionn
In his book, "Future of Man", Teilhard de Chardin wrote that Evolution is still advancing, rising against the flow of entropy. There are strong scientific reasons for believing that humanity is progressing towards greater consciousness and unity. The human social phenomenon is emerging through the interaction of human minds. Teilhard terms this the Noosphere.
Published 12 April 2016.

Next Decades

Pinto Prognostications - Next Decades
Here I'm extending my prognostications to events that may be forecasted to happen in the next several decades. I discuss the following subjects: Population growth, Geopolitics, GDP growth, Energy, Living spaces, Transportation, Medical advances, Employment, Religion & Marriage, Wars & conflict, Law & government, Money, Buildings, 3D printing, and AI consciousness.
Published 30 March 2016.


Political Brainwashing
Big money is being spent to manipulate and control how people think and vote in the ongoing American elections. Most people are unaware of the deceptive subliminal advertising that is widely used today. Many politicians make exaggerated claims that sometimes are outright lies. Social media is widely used and high-tech companies now have ability to affect what people think, feel, do and say.
Published 9 March 2016.


Digital Addiction
Many people no longer engage with each other as human beings. They prefer email, and social media over face-to-face, which becomes addictive. It promotes self-absorption and narcissism. The inability to achieving emotional intimacy leads to social anxiety, turning to digital media as an escape. This has negative impact on social, mental and physical health. Are YOU addicted? Do your own "digital detox"
Published 25 February 2016.


American Political Revolution
Once in a lifetime a great man comes along who makes a difference. In my view, Bernie Sanders has the potential to be one of those game-changers. His stated objectives are to restore Democracy by getting big money out of politics and a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all. In the coming election, America will answer.
Published 11 February 2016. tramadol

about Teens

Optimism about Teenagers
How will young people solve the seemingly problems that keep emerging everywhere in the world? The millennial generation found themselves stranded in the worst economy in 80 years. Gen Z, the teens and tweens of today, are primed to become the dominant youth influencers of tomorrow. In my own view, they will change the world.
Published 27 January 2016.

2016 Pinto

2016 Pinto Prognostications
There are precarious problems almost everywhere in the world. 2015 had several big crises - 2016 will show yet more instability. In America, it seems that political independents may choose the next President. Everyone now uses technology, and people work from anywhere, any time, on any device. I conclude my 2016 summary with optimism.
Published 12 January 2016.


Next American Revolution
The current political system seems nothing more than a means for furthering the benefits of economic elites, incompatible with democratic ideals. It seems that another American Revolution is possible. The eventual collapse of the US $ is inevitable, taking with it most of the bloated currencies in the developed world. This will be the key event that triggers the next American Revolution.
Published 13 December 2015.

of God

Existence of God
The existence of God cannot be proved and acceptance is a personal choice. All belief systems are based on either evidence or faith. Two of my closest friends, avowed atheists, present their views in this blog. And then I present my own view.
Published 11 November 2015.

AI - Boom
or Doom?

AI - Boom or Doom?
Artificial intelligence advances are accelerating. In the next few decades, it's evident that machines will be smarter than humans. Several credible thinkers say that they are terrified that artificial intelligence is humanities biggest existential threat. What do YOU think?
Published 29 October 2015.


Smartphone Dynamics
The smartphone has become the fastest-selling gadget in history - enriching lives and transforming society. But, there are many negative consequences. Habitual use undermines relationships. The absence of live conversations causes loneliness and narcissism. Facebook Addiction is detrimental to functioning at home, work or school. Texting while driving causes 28% of all car accidents.
Published 8 October 2015.


Political Corruption in America
Only 7-8% of Americans have confidence in corrupt Congress. There are three primary solutions: Term-limits for all politicians; disallowing politicians from joining lobbyist groups after leaving office; overturn the Supreme Count's Citizens United decision. The 2016 election cycle will surely change something.
Published 23 September 2015.


Population Dynamics
Our planet now has more than 7 billion people, compared to only 3 billion in 1967. World population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion in 2050. Every year 100 million more people suffer from chronic hunger and poverty, and the number of refugees rises. Educating women and giving them access to family planning services can save lives, reduce poverty and preserve the environment.
Published 9 September 2015.

Power of
Positive Thinking

Power of Positive Thinking
With Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) positive people seek, find and execute ways to win, regardless of the circumstances. But, that doesn't explain why outside events seem to always occur in their favor. Is it something more than just luck? Dr. Amy Lanky thinks it is the power of "Active Consciousness".
Published 25 August 2015.

New God

A New God Paradigm
There are three distinct views of how the universe and life came into existence. Creation by an all-powerful being; science-based big-bang theory and evolution; big-bang & emergence of intelligence everywhere. We examine that third-view, with the Internet a metaphor for God.
Published 6 July 2015. xanax


What is prayer? It may be religious practice, though not necessarily. Some think prayer is simply being reverent and paying attention to nature. Prayer slows the mind, calms the spirit, and centers the heart. It allows focus on something greater and more important. Even atheists and agnostics pray often.
Published 16 June 2015.

Science vs

Science vs Faith
Science and Religion pursue knowledge of the universe using different methodologies. Religionists explain their beliefs as "faith-based". Scientists dismiss "faith-based" as quirky and not subject to any kind of validation. The Pinto quest is to find a bridge between Science and Spirituality.
Published 8 June 2015.

of Money

Future of Money
Cash is going out of style. The end is near for credit cards. Within a few years the mobile phone will be taking over and will change money forever. The future of money won't be a single currency, but the ability to switch between and use virtually any currency. Bitcoin has a credible future.
Published 27 May 2015.


Human Enhancement Trends
Technology continues to give humans what seem like superpowers. Any smart-phone provides answers. Prosthetic limbs allow people who have lost limbs to live normal lives. Robotic suits allow workers to lift heavy loads. Drugs and digital technologies allow people to work harder, longer and smarter. How will this unfold in the next couple of decades?
Published 8 May 2015.


Choice implies judging the merits of multiple options and making a decision. There are individual and group choices. More complex choices may have greater or longer-lasting consequences. Good choices sometimes get bad results, and vice versa. Is individual choice pre-determined, or is there free will?
Published 27 April 2015.

Big Data

Big Data
A revolution that compares with the impact of the Internet is changing the way that almost everything is being conducted. Every digital process that surrounds everybody at all times generates data. What’s revolutionary is that something can now be done with the data. No one can do anything to stop encroachment. Adderall link link link
Published 12 April 2015.


Death Dynamics
Death is commonly considered sad or unpleasant. Many consider the subject morbid. This blog is a balanced discussion of Death. There are many places that discuss this subject, helping to transform this seemingly difficult conversation into insight and empowerment.
Published 26 March 2015.


Techno-human Evolution
Today's children spend a lot of time with mobile devices and video games. Technology is wiring their intelligence in ways that are very different from previous generations. In the future, humans will have new ways of living, akin to a new subspecies. Social collaboration will become the norm. The human side will be nurtured. Admittedly, much of this is my own wishful prognostication.
Published 10 March 2015.


Tolerance is the appreciation of diversity and the ability to exercise a fair and objective attitude towards those whose opinions, practices, religion, culture differ from one's own. It is respect for the dignity of others. It focuses more on our common humanity than on our differences.
Published 27 February 2015.


30 seconds speech to the entire world
This was written in response to the recent American Mensa magazine challenge.
Published 25 February 2015.


Kindness is being generous, friendly, and warm-hearted. It involves doing thoughtful deeds for people who are in need. Being kind is a vital way of bringing meaning to our own lives as well as the lives of others. For this blog, I'm asking you to engage! Give us your own view of Kindness!
Published 6 February 2015.

Lure of the

Lure of the Lifestyle
Our society boosts people into thinking that they can get rich. if they want it bad enough. Aspiration to wealth is confused with achieving happiness. Ironically, materialistically pursuing happiness is a goal that can never be achieved. We should start adding new measurements to determine how being successful can also mean being happy.
Published 29 January 2015.


2015 Pinto Prognostications
In the midst of accelerating technology changes, fragile financial failures and precarious political problems almost everywhere in the world, new societies are emerging – new demographics, institutions, ideologies and problems. Things are rapidly becoming quite different from what most people expect. Published 12 January 2015.

New Year

2015 New Year Wishes
As 2015 dawns, let us consider how we can use the New Year to make a difference for our friends, our fellow workers, our neighbors, our families, our country and the world. This is the time of year to renew our obligations and make renewed commitment to help others in our community, our nation, and our world. Published 21 December 2014.


Everyone wants to be “happy”. What exactly is Happiness? It’s not just feeling good all the time. It’s a combination of satisfaction with life and feeling happy day by day. We all have the ability to control how we feel. With consistent practice, one can form life-long habits for a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Published 11 December 2014.

Poverty &

Poverty & Wealth in America
More than 16% of the US population (50 million people) live in poverty. Meanwhile, America has more millionaires and billionaires than any country in the world. There must be a successful transition from our current economic growth paradigm to a new model of sustainable capitalism. Published 23 November 2014.

Corruption of

Corruption of Capitalism
The rampant accumulation of plutocracy (wealth for a few) is the root cause of major problems in America. The economy is faltering while Washington is generating soaring debt. If America really wants to confront its growing problems and class divide, it needs to spark broad-based economic growth. Published 13 November 2014.


Democracy Dysfunction
Repeatedly the American people are shown how anti-democratic their government really is. It's evident that there is widespread corruption of government by big money - incumbent politicians, lobbyists, the elite media, big business, big banks, big unions, lobbyists and big special interests. An overwhelming number of Americans agree that the political system is broken and needs to be fixed. Published 4 November 2014.


Creeping Criminality
Few people really cheat. Those that do usually drift into increasingly dubious behavior. They may stretch the truth, which turns in to lying, which extends to cheating and even stealing. This is "creeping criminality." The behavior is widespread. Published on 27 October 2014.

to Future

Transition to a very different Future
More than ever before, the world seems to be poised for rapid change. More and more people are beginning to recognize the inadequacy of the present social order. There is an awakening acceptance that a new age is being ushered in. Published 17 October 2014.


Creation Allegory
I sometimes brooded over the mystery of Creation. Just recently I found a story that made things fall into place - at least for me. It was "Sole Solution", written by Eric Frank Russell, a British author best known for his science fiction novels and short stories. Here's my summary, and my own view. Published 6 October 2014.

Religions &
Faith-based Beliefs

Religions and Faith-based Beliefs
Thinking humans seems to need explanations and stories with some rationality that suits them. The choice of Religion is usually made by upbringing and background. Religions are acknowledged as not rationally provable but "faith-based". I hope this summary helps you to view the broad picture. Published 1 October 2014.

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Begin & End?

Charity - where does it begin? And end?
Given that we have more than most, how much should we give as Charity? And what is our giving obligation: goodwill or guilt? Anyone who is truly passionate about a charitable cause can tell you it's not purely a selfish endeavor. But self-interest does have a hand to play. Published 24 September 2014.

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Blogging Benefits
I must tell you that I'm enjoying using the new blogging style to publish my writings. I'd like YOU to help me with your feedback and comments directly via the blog. Published 20 September 2014.

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Logic &

Logic & Prejudice
It's generally believed that the quintessential quality of the human mind is to think logically. But, the patterns that are embedded in our thinking warp our logic and it is almost impossible for anyone to be immune to bias. Prejudice safeguards cultural conformity and may be genetic, which needs great objectivity, intelligence and determination to overcome. Published 15 September 2014.

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