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Novar Controls - Retail Solutions
2004 Kickoff Meeting
January 14, 2004
Acapulco, Mexico

Demonstrating Leadership
Speaker - Jim Pinto

The turbulence of a new age is re-writing all the rules of business. Old dinosaurs are dying, as new leaders emerge.

There are tremendous opportunities that are developing in this decade, waiting to be grasped by leaders. At Novar Controls - as a company, as a team, as professionals, as individuals - you must decide whether you have the leadership that can and will grasp those opportunities.

Who are leaders? What makes a leader? How can you demonstrate leadership? Leadership is not a one-time decision - itís an everyday discipline. Opportunity does not come with a warning or a flag - it comes when it comes, and most people donít recognize it. Leaders donít miss it - they grab it! Thatís what makes them leaders.

Leadership starts from inside the company. Opportunities develop on the outside, from the market. To grasp opportunities, the company must be agile, and have the leadership disciplines that make a difference.

I'm here today as a catalyst - to stimulate your thinking, to open your mind, to stimulate your winning instincts, to help by generating thoughts and ideas that can make a difference.

  • Novar is already demonstrating leadership
    - significant growth and profit in a slow business environment.
  • This is the right time to demonstrate leadership, to build on your success
    • Business
    • Professional
    • Personal
  • There are many arenas to demonstrate leadership
    • Internal
    • External
    • Radiate leadership: Upwards - downwards - sideways
  • The traits of a Leader
    • Always positive minded - finds the reasons why something CAN be done, not why it cannot
    • Does more than the necessary; exceeds expectations
    • Self-motivated
    • Takes responsibility
    • Takes ownership of problems, opportunities
    • Excuses are simply "reasons for failure" - does not give excuses
    • Volunteers for tough jobs
    • Develops high goals
    • Expects to achieve high targets
    • Meets and beats schedules
    • Likes tough challenges
    • Takes pride in performance
    • Does not fear failure
    • Persistent - never, never gives up
    • Welcomes change - thrives on change
  • Consider the traits of the top-10% you know; then the top-5%; then the top-1%. Watch & learn
  • Develop your own strengths, team up to cover your weaknesses
  • Leadership is not luck - it is discipline! No let up!

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