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California Community Colleges
Family & Consumer Sciences
Program Plan Revision Conference
November 7, 2002

The Future:
How it will impact Family & Consumer Sciences

Speaker : Jim Pinto
Managing Partner,
San Diego, CA. USA

Look back & Fast-forward a Century:

How does the community college system and Family & Consumer Sciences today compare with what was being done a century ago? How must we plan for what we can do to prepare people for the future?

A new society is emerging

  • New demographics: Replacement rate 2.2 births per woman. Birthrates low in parts of Europe and Japan. India is at 3.1.
  • American population growing - primarily because of higher birthrate of immigrants. America is “tuned” to accommodate immigrants.
  • Latino population growth, especially in California - changing culture & values.
  • Tribalism vs. McWorld
Knowledge society
  • Borderless: upward mobility for everyone
  • Brain, not brawn - technofascism
  • 20th century decline of agriculture- US less than 2% - farming subsidies.
  • Manufacturing: 35-40% early 20th century, decline to 10% in developed countries. Subsidies (like farming).
  • Rise of India & China
Techno-driven economy
  • 3 technology laws are driving the new economy
  • The age of the Internet. Rules of the game are changing
  • How many "virtual" courses - as opposed to physical attendance?
Bio-tech advances - human lifespan extension
  • The Human Genome Project: Startling consequences for life as we know it.
  • Virtual elimination of disease; increased longevity.
  • Multiple careers for most people.
  • More older people will work - 50% part-time, retirement age will be 75-80.
  • Techno-human: Increased IQ, synthetic intelligence.
Family & Consumer Sciences - view of the future (audience participation)
  • Lifespan: Child Development, Family Studies, Gerontology
  • Life Management and Consumer Affairs
  • Fashion - Merchandising & Design
  • Interior Design
  • Nutrition, Food & Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality Management and Tourism

Get ready for change

The new millennium brings with it enormous changes in all areas of human consciousness. Significant philosophical, ethical, moral, legal, sociological and spiritual questions must be answered.

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