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No. 23 : November 9, 2000

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  • Ending War - A Trend Analysis
  • NAFEC - the big brains huddle
  • Bluetooth products are coming
  • Bandwidth Abundance
  • Nostalgic Poetry - DOS Days of IBM & Microsoft
  • JimPinto.com - eMerchant
  • eFeedback - TechnoFutures or M&A Commentary?

Ending War - Trend Analysis

The World Future Society (WFS) annual OUTLOOK Report (2001), identifies several intriguing trends that offer hope for the end of war:

  • Demographics: The graying of societies means countries may be less-willing to put precious youth in harm's way to further government policies.
  • Technology: Future conflicts may be limited to disrupting electronic targets (cyberwar) rather than killing humans.
  • Economics: Globalization means that multinational corporations, with facilities all over the world, have too much to lose from conflicts, even from bloodless "cyberwars."
  • Society: The Internet allows people to work and socialize in multiple countries, enhancing understanding.
  • Government: Global governance will likely be "multicentered," with different "regimes" to solve global problems related to the environment, trade, and human rights. Rather than nation-states in perpetual conflict, look for a truly global society.

OUTLOOK 2001 appears in the November-December 2000 issue of The Futurist.

Click Visit the WFS website

NAFEC Summit Conference

Dick Morley, PLC inventor and now Chaos-guru, recently took part in the NAFEC (New Approaches to Financial Economics) summit conference in Santa Fe New Mexico. He was in heady company - John Holland, originator of "genetic algorithms" and Benoit Mandelbrot of "Mandelbrot Fractal" fame, among other cerebral elite.

Historically, financial economics has been cast in terms of Newtonian physics. However, Complexity Theory views this as a complex adaptive process, a paradigm shift that changes our view of future economies and markets. NAFEC concluded that the "new economy" has a new value parameter - equity growth as opposed to income and dividend growth. So, the classic companies that have value based on "old" parameters (dividend and profit) have relatively low market valuations. On the other hand, in today's market, the valuations for growth are much higher. The Amazon approach: "First, we want market share, then equity growth and finally returns to the customer when we are mature and have market saturation".

The next best thing to attending NAFEC is to take a look at the program, the illustrious speakers, the agenda and "feel" the ambience.

Click Visit the NAFEC website

Bluetooth Products are coming!

In a previous issue of eNews we discussed Bluetooth, the local-area (30-100 feet) wireless interface which aims to unify the fragmented wireless world. (Bluetooth is named after a Viking leader, who unified large parts of Scandinavia).

Click Read Bluetooth is Coming

Using Bluetooth, you can link your cell phone to your notebook computer without any wires - to update your email files just before you board a plane. As you relax in your seat, you can listen to MP3 music from the laptop in your briefcase on a hands-free headset. Or, better still, since an airplane is an ideal "local area", the airline will provide Bluetooth headsets for music and movies, without those annoying wires or audio-tubes. Soon, we'll begin to see cars with Bluetooth networking factory-installed - the car's 'hands-free' kit will automatically make use of the phone in your pocket or briefcase! And of course, secure encryption disallows others from accessing your private information.

Click Bluetooth product directions - PCIA GlobalXChange conference

Click PCWorld.com Review of Bluetooth Directions

The Motorola 270c Bluetooth-enabled CMDA cell phone will, in addition to several "conventional wireless" features, use Bluetooth to provide short-range personal area networking.

Click Take a look at the Motorola 270c which has Bluetooth connectivity

Click Neat hands-free headset from GN Netcom

A new pen let you use pen and paper together with all the possibilities of information technology - you can handwrite write a letter on a notepad and send it off as an email; write the address and tick the designated box. The pen holds an ordinary ink cartridge, with writing visible to the eye just like a normal pen. A force-sensor measures the stylus tip force and the position on the pad is monitored as you write. Every sketch or note can be faxed or e-mailed.

Click Take a look at the Anoto pen

But, like anything else, there are obstacles. eWEEK Labs takes a look at some of the hurdles that Bluetooth technology still faces.

Click Bluetooth still faces hurdles

Bandwidth Abundance

The insatiable demand for bandwidth continues - e-commerce and e-collaboration, video, vast databases of 3D images, music, group gaming, movies on demand, dialup video telephones. Can you imagine trying to do all these things over a 32kbps telephone modem? Indeed, my cable modem - always on, and typically delivering about 500 kbps - has made a significant difference in my way of life. I e-communicate with friends, associates and the world in ways I wouldn't consider otherwise. I send and receive photos and books I wouldn't dream of downloading with a modem! And the always-on Google search engine on my website provides access to ANY information with blinding speed. While I talk with you on the telephone, I'm looking at your information on the web....

Gilder's Law states that bandwidth is doubling every twelve months, even faster than Moore's Law (computer power doubling every 18 months). Gilder insists that the availability of is changing quickly, from scarcity to abundance. The winners produce products based on that premise.

Optical fiber is making this possible - the capacity seems unlimited; technology improvements bring more and more capacity. Today, a single stand of fiber can carry the entire world's Internet traffic. Imagine if that strand was connected to everyone's home and office. Soon it will be.

In my last eNews, I mentioned George Gilder's new book Telecosm. I'm still reading it and am enthused about his visions and predictions. This book provides some very insightful thinking about the new bandwidth explosion that is making new markets and giving birth to new corporate giants. Read it!

Gilder's Telecosm George Gilder's Telecosm

Click Review the growth of public broadband Internet access and revenues

DOS days at IBM - Nostalgic Poetry

I "found" some of my old (1989) poetry that you might enjoy. This was when I first "discovered" Lewis Carroll as a way to parody real-life, to describe a strange situation in a way that couldn't really be expressed in "prose".

These poems were written at the time when the open-architecture of the IBM PC and MS-DOS had become the standards and the PC-clones were running amok! IBM was still the "big blue" and the icon of computerdom and was trying to wrest back control through introduction of their new MCA-bus and OS/2 software.

If you know "Jabberwocky" and "Father William" from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, you might like to look at these parody-poems:

PC-Wocky PC-Wocky

You are old Father Big-Blue You are old Father Big-Blue

JimPinto.com - eMerchant

Do you know that you could buy books, CDs and lots of other things through the JimPinto.com "portal"? You simply click on the Amazon icon and are transported to "The World's largest bookstore". As an Amazon.com affiliate, if you buy any of the books I suggest, I get a commission! And, if you continue your shopping visit to buy other things - a camera, CDs, toys or whatever - I still get a cut. Not bad, eh?

Go to Amazon.com Try this link - and buy something

Hey, I'll bet you won't guess the total commissions I earned last month....!


My past links with the industrial automation business inevitably bring me lots of insider news and views before it gets around too much. And, it seems that the industry journals shy away from reporting some of the harsh facts. So, I feel that some of the content of this eNews, relating to industry mergers, is indeed valuable and useful. Some of my eNews readers prefer my discussions on "technology futures" rather than the somewhat "boring" acquisition news. But, others have encouraged me along the path of industry commentary.

Steven E. Braun (seb@sebraun.com) e-wrote:

    "Boring? Au contraire! Please keep up with this industry mergers and analysis stuff! I have been in the industrial automation business for 25 years and I have been convinced for many years now that the writing has been on the wall, which few have read. I was working for Allen-Bradley when Rockwell bought them; I went to work for Siemens when they decided to buy into the US PLC market. I am disappointed that little has really changed over the last 10 years."
Regarding the GE acquisition of Honeywell, Steve Braun continued:
    "The GE organization with Neutron Jack's capable leadership will inexorably grind the Honeywell IAC into something completely unrecognizable. While they are at it, any acquired talent will have long since fled."
Robert Vestal (RVestal@bandag.com) was also encouraging:
    "Keep it coming! Keep on doing the Business Merger thing; I work in a vacuum and this is about the only rumors I get. It's easy for those to skip a section they don't care about. When I signed up for JimPinto.com, I figured I'd cancel after a few weeks, but I intend to keep on listening...."
Thanks for the feedback Steven and Robert and many, many others! This continues to be a labor of love - JimPinto.com eNews will go where you want to go!

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