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Contents :

  • Feedback - will Rockwell & A-B be acquired?
  • Employee-owned United buys US Air
  • Ethernet in Control - Gary Mintchell of Control Eng
  • Most people oppose Microsoft breakup
  • Hot Book : Morley's Manufacturing in the Year 2020
  • ARC's new Web Content Advisory Service
  • Pinto's Pointers : Show me the eMoney

Feedback - will Rockwell be Acquired?

After reading my comments on the Rockwell & Omron alliance (eNews May 10, '00) Joe Jansen of Gehls Guernsey Farms, Germantown, WI. wrote :

    "Can Rockwell avoid being acquired? What would it take? I worked for A-B for a year (I live in a Milwaukee suburb) and felt that the Rockwell management structure was top-heavy. Would paring down help them any? If acquired, what would be gained by the purchaser?"

Here is my response to Joe :

I have NO "inside" information. Just my own data points. At $ 7b sales ($ 7.7b market-cap, down from $11b), Rockwell has shown no growth, and their stock is stuck at $ 38.00-42.00 with no signs of going anywhere. (I bought ROK at $38.00). <> My guess regarding who will merge/buy Rockwell : The only ones big enough are Danaher, Emerson, Invensys, Siemens, ABB. But hey, who knows? There may be some enlightened Ted Turner or Warren Buffet out there who is lusting for leadership in industrial automation.....

Joe continues :

"Obviously the PLC's are a huge part, but what about the other components with the AB logo?"

My response :

Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley, Reliance) is the most valuable company ($ 4.5b sales) in the group, with a significant market-position. The current top management (Don Davis et al) is from A-B and is trying to grow with the industrial automation focus.

Rockwell got OUT of other non-related businesses, but still has Rockwell Collins - $ 2.4b sales (previously Collins Radio) which makes commercial avionics and military electronics systems. What happens to these other businesses depends on the acquirer or merger partner. They may simply divest.

Employee-owned United will buy USAir

Remember when United Airlines was undergoing hard times and it became employee-owned? Well, look what employee-ownership has done for UAL (the parent). Now, the proposed $11.6 billion merger between United Airlines and US Airways will create the first truly global airline.

Ethernet in Control

Into the ongoing ‘fieldbus wars’ enters an unlikely contestant. Ethernet, already wired into most manufacturing plants for information networking, is now used to connect controllers with remote I/O modules as a fieldbus.

Majority of Americans oppose Microsoft breakup

The Justice Department remains steadfast in its belief that Microsoft should be broken up, rejecting lesser penalties as being “neither serious nor sensible” ways to remedy a pattern of illegal, anticompetitive behavior. What will Microsoft and the Justice Department do now that proceedings have ended?

Manufacturing in the Year 2020

Morley - The Technology Machine Have you read it yet? Dick Morley's book - The Techanology Machine Dick Morley is the inventor of the Programmable logic controller (PLC), now housed in the Smithsonian Institute. Dick is founder or co-founder of more than 10 companies including Modicon and Andover Controls. Moody (the co-author) & Morley supply simple guidelines for future growth and detail their vision for future systems, leaders and workers. Lots of predictions & progonostications, with Morley mind-stretch.

Click, to take a look at Morley's book and my HOTLIST

ARC'S new web content & marketing service

This new service from Automation Research is designed to help suppliers evolve their "brochure-ware" sites into powerful permission-marketing tools that encourage prospects to register. It also helps suppliers face the challenge of adding value to their Websites by providing quality content and information that encourages customers to make return visits. The service includes analysis and advice on existing websites, content provision, daily news, columns by leading analysts, and Web casts with top ARC analysts.

Show me the eMoney!

You get a lot of mail these days. So, do you need more? How much of it is junk mail? And how much of it is valuable? The same rules apply to email - do you need more email? And, how much of it is "spam" (the word coined for unsolicited and unwanted email broadcasts) ?

eMoneyThe key is Value. I, personally, have indeed found some excellent buys and new restaurants and new holiday locations on the few occasions when I have shuffled through my junk snail-mail. On the other hand, when I'm busy, it simply gets junked. But, I always keep an eye open for the items that have yielded Value in the past. Email is just like that! If it doesn't provide value, then you shouldn't bother with it - deleting with a click is a lot easier than carrying out the garbage.....

Look for the Value of this regular eNews : tips, suggestions, ideas, news, referrals, names, relationships. Scan the headings quickly - read the items that help. Cut-and-paste the hotlinks into your browser and bookmark the good ones, clip the emails into your address book, or telephone numbers into your PDA. These are tips and tools that I work hard to make meaningful for YOU. And this regular email is my investment in a relationship with you.

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