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14 Mar. 2014

JimPinto.com eNews #324 - 14 March 2014
* Corruption of Capitalism
* Supreme Court "Citizens United" Ruling
* Edward Snowden - Hero or Villain?
* Book: Death by China
* Languages of the future
* eFeedback:
- Selfish Capitalism is not working
- Solutions for America
- India perspective on US business
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Process Instrumentation Futures
Increased functionality will bring major productivity advances in the coming decade. The future of process instrumentation will be impacted in three primary technology areas: wireless, mobile devices and the industrial Internet. Process instruments will surge ahead, offering a lot more functionality for major productivity advances in the next decade.
Published by Automation World - December 2013.

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Process Safety

Process Safety Futures
Process safety systems have arrived at a juncture of transformation. What’s needed are diagnostics to provide predictive maintenance that effectively prevents accidents before they occur. Mobile devices provide a paradigm shift - delivering specific information to selected individuals for corrective action.
Published by Automation World - November 2013.

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Cloud Computing

Automation Cloud Computing Futures
Cloud computing is one of the hottest technology fields today. In manufacturing, clear targets for cloud computing include manufacturing execution systems and production planning systems. As the technology matures, cloud computing will become more widespread in manufacturing and automation suppliers will track the demands.
Published by Automation World - October 2013.

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Manufacturing Automation Futures
The continuing manufacturing drive will be to make more with less. Manufacturing is entering a dynamic new phase and will continue to grow globally. Innovative automation systems will be the core of future manufacturing growth.
Published by Automation World - September 2013.

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Automation Infotech Futures
Information technology (IT) has been a dominating influence in many large manufacturing and process automation companies. But computer expertise is no longer just the domain of a select few, and responsibility to keep things running has shifted away from the centralized IT department.
Published by Automation World - August 2013.

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Tech Futures

Automation Technology Futures
Digital technology continues to permeate in the world at large, and several growth inflection points are brewing in the new digital automation world. Rapid shifts are occurring in all industrial environments, delivering knowledge and capabilities never before thought possible.
Published by Automation World - July 2013.

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Computer Futrures

Industrial Computer Futures
As a new class of industrial computer, the PAC signals a post-PC era of thin clients and mobile devices. Processors are now so powerful that even inexpensive gadgets can handle most tasks.
Published by Automation World - June 2013.

Jim Pinto TEDxDelMar speech

Chindia - The rise of China & India - Jim Pinto at TEDxDelMar
With 40% of the world's population, China and India (Chindia) are steadily rising towards becoming world-leading economic powers. The GDP Of China is already (2010) #2 in the world (after the USA); during the next decade, India will grow to be #3, surpassing Japan and and all European countries. 300 years ago, the two countries represented 50% of the world's wealth. They are rising again to dominate the world's economy. Speech at TEDxDelMar, June 2010.

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